T&G Innovative Lighting reveals the revolutionary Case Study that emphasises the need for every organisation to Save Energy and hence Money by simply investing in replacing their existing Lights with the corresponding LED Quality Lights!

Find out how Mr. Lakis Koutsides – the General Manager – of LEPUS stores has gained the competitive advantage within the local market and hence ‘Led’ him with the following benefits:



  • Energy Saving and hence Severe Reduction of his Electricity Bills;
  • Outstanding Lighting Performance within his retail stores, therefore being able to maximise his Sales Revenue!
  • Minimise his store’s electrical maintenance costs since the lifespan and durability of the Led lights is much longer than conventional lamps (6-8 times longer lifespan!)
  • The Payback Period has already been reached (10-12 months) and the Return on Investment (ROI) Figure is around 9.12
  • Warranty period given is 3 years for all shops and so far the defect rate is at a minimum rate of 0.1%!

Please feel free to view the true evidence Energy Saving Report which illustrates the complete case study performed for ALL LEPUS stores around Cyprus. Also read Mr Lakis Koutsides testimonial!

Why not acquire all the above benefits and advantages by simply investing not only in the right Energy Saving Aspect (Quality Led Lights) but also by consulting the experts within the Led Light Market! There is no other feasible investment during these critical times, which payback time is just within a few months!!!

Just contact us to guide you through the best Led solution which will suit your needs and demands completely. Our experienced consultation team can definitely show you the way to do so!

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